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Onboarding & Purchasing UX

I was a Product Design Intern at Struct Club this Summer, working directly with Amira Polack, Founder & CEO, to understand the needs of the business, the customers, and opportunities for improving the experience of fitness instructors.

Role: Sole Product Designer

Duration: 8 weeks

Tools: Figma, FigJam, Procreate


Struct Club is a tool for fitness instructors to structure their workouts. Understanding that powerful playlists are what powers a workout class, instructors are able to choose specially curated templates, add moves and cues, or create a fresh mix using their powerful editing software.


An intense indoor cycling class led by Amira, powered by Struct Club.

Key Objectives

UX Audit & Research

Studying Struct Club's user feedback and interviews. Researching iOS purchasing policies and best practices.

Purchasing UX

Refining the individual and teams purchasing flow. Establishing iOS design parameters.

Onboarding UX

Crafting the user's first interaction with Struct Club and defining when they will need guides along the way. 

UX Audit & Research

UX Audit & Research

In 2020, Struct Club identified their top product opportunities based on user feedback, business goals, and the founder vision. I analysed their collection of customer feedback threads, conducted a product audit, and researched best practices to determine ways to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Audit - Information Architecture & User Flow

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 3.49.27 PM.png


We want new users to seamlessly flow through class templates and the editor. Struct Club currently relies on external communities on Youtube or Facebook and it's support team to guide users when they have inquiries - We want to educate new users and prevent cognitive overload. 

Comparative Analysis

Analysing purchasing strategies of leading companies allows us to better understand what worked for them. I cross referenced these findings with Apple's iOS policies and presented my recommendations.

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 10.45.08 PM.png
Purchasing UX


There are currently 2 places to purchase a Struct Club subscription:, and the iOS App store. From a business standpoint, Teams and Enterprise packages have to be processed through


The challenge now was to closely adhere to iOS policies on In-App purchases and advertising, establish design parameters that adhere to their policies to improve Struct Club's web pricing UX.


Struct Club previously had a linear flow of purchasing categories and links that display more information on packages. Influenced by best practices of leading companies, the new pricing page has a comparative chart, setting clear user expectations.



Struct Club is leaving opportunity on the table with its conversion based on customer experience. Struct Club discovered their audience doesn't feel tech savvy. Through onboarding, we want them to feel supported, empowered and excited.


Onboarding starts the moment users download Struct Club. It determines our relationship with them, and sets the stage for the rest of their journey. It can also play a crucial role in whether users decide to purchase a premium account.

Types of Onboarding


Tour Onboarding

A tour onboarding flow will guide users through the core features. It is a product walkthrough where users complete important tasks quickly.


Contextual Onboarding

With contextual onboarding, users can learn through experience and explore features when they need to. More complex features should placed contextually, so users are not overwhelmed by too many instructions.

Tour Onboarding

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 3.49.45 PM.png


Context Flow

A glimpse into what can be expected from Struct features. Simple but informative illustrations allow users to get a glimpse of the iconography in the app.

Frame 2.png


Survey Style Onboarding

Creates a customizable experience. Users have a sense of control and vested interest in the screens to come. It's also a way for our team to collect data on first-time users.

Frame 3.png

Contextual Onboarding

Play Class

The first goal is for users to hit PLAY and enter the class player, experiencing their first Struct-made class.


Edit Class

There are 2 ways to use the editing tool - edit a template or create from scratch. Guides help users understand these 2 key pathways.

Developer Handoff

Developer Handoff

By using a user journey map to determine when to use onboarding guides, developers have a clear reference point to the entry of new features. Yellow FLOW points on the map represent each of the screen sets below.

User JourneyUserJourney.png
Flow 1.png
Flow 2.png
Flow 3.png
Flow 4.png
Flow X.png

Structure for Fitness Instructors.

Throughout my internship, I developed a deep understanding and appreciation for Struct Club's product, team, and the instructors who rely on the app to teach their classes. Typically, instructors take hours to prepare a fitness class - valuable hours that they are not getting paid for. Struct Club reduces instructor prep time and creates a collaborative community of shared resources, making jobs in the fitness industry more accessible.

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