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Startup Design Specialist at Techstars

The accelerator helping startups scale faster than ever before.


On the Techstars program team, I worked with 24 pre-seed to seed companies on product design consulting, focused on refining their products in preparation for demo day. Through product mockups, interactive videos, and engaging pitch decks, I helped position companies to showcase their products and accurately position themselves to the world.

Selected Projects

Pitchtape Logo.png

As a video-first platform transforming the future of work, Pitchtape has multiple use cases across different organizations. The challenge was showing that ubiquitous nature of the platform in an easily comprehended format.

I designed product mockups and interactions for potential clients and investors to clearly understand the power of Pitchtape in their demo video and website.


Stoked has an amazing founder story and game changing product making a positive change in our environment. The challenge in designing their demo day presentation was giving emotion to the anti-plastic movement. Striking imagery and real videos of their process was key in delivering their brand message.

Link to Demo Day Presentation


Nurtur had a brand feel that didn't quite fit their company thesis. As a company focused on transforming maternal wellness and tackling postpartum depression, they struggled to find the balance of feminine and clinical.

I created a new logo and a brand with a suite of digital assets within a comprehensive brand guideline.


How we work

At the beginning of each program, we have 1:1 sessions to evaluate each company's product and plan their 3 month journey to the culminating demo day. With 24 companies and only two designers, we have regular consultations with founders and are constantly ideating and iterating on their products. Towards demo day, we focus on refining pitch decks and delivering pixel perfect assets.

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