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Walk, the lifestyle app for dogs.

  • Get walking route recommendations.

  • Monitor your dog's exercise, food, and bathroom habits.

  • Find pet friendly establishments.

We are currently beta testing...

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Founder and Design Lead

User Research

Brand Identity


Usability Testing

VC Pitch Deck and Presentation


Lead Developer

Mehul Jain

Software Engineers

Jeffrey Kwan

Vanessa Tu 

Jack Lin


Amie Xu

Maggie Jiang


Amira Polack, Founder & CEO of Struct Club

Our Journey


Conceptualized in Creative Labs 8-week product design program.

Formed a team.

Conducted user research and created an MVP.


Joined Startup Labs and started working with a startup advisor.

Continued refining our product through user feedback interviews. 

Had tons of design - developer discussions.


Won 2nd place at the VC pitch competition.

Continued development.

Beta testing product on iOS Test Flight.

Core Pillars

To learn about dog owner's lifestyles and pain points relating to dog-walking, we surveyed dog owners and gathered qualitative information from online forums to help us gain a better understanding of their pain points. 


Market Size

70% of US households today are pet owners. In 2021 alone, pet owners in the US spent over 109 billion dollars on their pets, growing annually by 13% over the past four years. 

Pet expenditure is no longer a discretionary expense, but rather a part of the mandatory family budget.


Let's Chat!

If you're interested in knowing more about the project, feel free to send me an email or join our waitlist!

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